What's at Stake


Every day in Clark County, 10 students drop out of school.

Clark County's rate of higher education attainment is well below the 40% national average: Only 29.75% of Clark County residents of working age (between age 25 and 64) hold at least an associate degree.

Of Nevada students who do graduate high school, only 9.8% go directly on to college and earn a degree within six years.

A college degree is more important than it has ever been to find a place in the workforce and achieve success in life. Four out of every five American jobs lost during the recession required a high school education or less. By 2018, more than half (54%) of all Nevada jobs will require postsecondary credentials.

Study after study has shown a good education is the single most important factor enabling a young person to break out of the cycle of poverty. According to several sources, college graduates will make, on average, $1.5 million more in their lifetimes than high school dropouts.

By investing in young people in Clark County, we can build a path to a brighter future.

(Sources: U.S. Census Bureau Data, Lumina Foundation)