Student, Del Sol High School, Las Vegas

I come from a broken family. My mother and father got divorced and I chose to go live with my mother and sister. My mother has to work hard to keep me and my sister living decent. She manages to get us by, and we are doing pretty well.

My mother always told me to go to college and actually do something with my life. She wants a good life for me. I know my mother may not have the money for college but I still consider it. The Fulfillment Fund is helping me in this area. They are helping me get opportunities to get scholarships for college. They are also helping me decide what type of education I am going to get in college and what college fits me the best.

My sister is four years younger than I. I want a great life for her. When she grows up and gets to high school, I am going to help her get on the right path and show her programs like the Fulfillment Fund. And by me helping the two most important women in my life, I believe the Fulfillment Fund isn’t only helping me, but is also helping my family.