Message from the CEO


Messsage from the CEO

Every day in Clark County, 10 students drop out of school. Only 9.8% of Nevada students graduate high school on time, go directly to college and earn a college degree within six years.  Nevada’s high school graduation rate is the lowest of any state in the nation.
My three daughters attend the Clark County School District. I believe in public education, but it was time for a change and something had to be done.

That’s why, in fall 2012, Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas began offering college access services to students in the Clark County School District, working to shift the way young people in Las Vegas see their future.
Today at Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas, we’re teaching over 600 freshmen, sophomore, and junior students how to become the first in their family to get to college, we're encouraging them to envision themselves being successful at college, and we’re helping make their dreams of obtaining a higher education a reality.

In two short years, many of our students have expressed a change in mindset: Students who were once looking to enter the casino industry before or right after finishing high school are now searching for the college that will best fit them.
Las Vegas is not known for being a college-driven city, but at Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas we believe this community is ready for change. Together, we’re creating hope for the future by helping hundreds of young people achieve a higher education.
Lindy Schumacher
CEO, Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas