Frequently-Asked Questions


What services does the Fulfillment Fund provide for students?

We provide classroom instruction, individualized college counseling, experiential learning opportunities such as college tours, and scholarships to help transform the lives of students, beginning in high school and extending to college graduation.

What are the Fulfillment Fund's partner schools?

Our programs are provided at Chaparral High School and Democracy Prep at the Agassi Campus.

How can I enroll my child, myself or someone else in Fulfillment Fund programs?

Currently, students must be enrolled at one of our partner schools in order to participate in our program. Please see above for a list of our partner schools.

Can my child participate at the Fulfillment Fund’s daylong Destination College event, attend a college trip, or participate in any of the workshops if he or she is not a Fulfillment Fund student?

Unfortunately our program events and services are available only to students who are enrolled in our programs at our partner schools. 

Does the Fulfillment Fund only serve students in Las Vegas?

No. The Fulfillment Fund was incorporated in 1977 as a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles, CA. Since then, it has evolved into a leading college access organization with a multi-pronged model for success.  Recognizing the success that we have had serving students in economically and educationally under-resourced communities in Los Angeles, civic leaders and school district officials from Nevada's Clark County Unified School District began discussions about replicating the Fulfillment Fund model in Las Vegas in 2011. After a period of intensive research and planning, the Fulfillment Fund began a pilot program at Las Vegas' Del Sol High School and Chaparral High School in September 2012. 

How does the Fulfillment Fund work with the Clark County School District?

The Fulfillment Fund has established a partnership and works closely with the Clark County School District to ensure that programs are effectively targeting students and achieving our goals to boost graduation rates. We partner with staff at the district, school and classroom level to maximize our efforts as well as work towards systemic change.

How does the Fulfillment Fund raise funds to support students?

The Fulfillment Fund is 100% privately funded, and utilizes a diversified funding strategy that includes major gifts, individual and corporate donations and sponsorships/underwriting, and foundation support.

Other questions? For more information, contact Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas at (702) 305-2989.